3 Miscellaneous Bugs

I’ve noticed 3 issues I’ve been having, each small enough that I figured I would combine them into this one post.

  1. Elevation markers won’t elevate Casework element at a 45 degree angle but works with walls at a 45 degree angle. I tested this by running a Bundle with and without rotated casework. Including a rotated element gave the following errors:

  1. Set Parameter “Far Clip Offset” for elevations and sections does not work. (This affects if elements are visible in the view when using a dimension Task). It is defaulting to 2’ even if I change the value to something else

  2. Sheet packing for plans does not work despite Multiple Groups per sheet enabled
    This appears to work for elevations but not plans. I have the sheet set up so that two plans are placed on either side like so:

But this yields the following results:


Thanks for the feedback!

1 and 2- We have logged these bugs and they will be fixed before the next release
3- First of all, thank you for posting an image of your settings, this helps us determine quickly what is wrong. It looks like you chose the center anchor point for the zone that contains “Floor plans”. Glyph always tries to avoid having any views on top of each other, this is why it placed the other floor plans below the titleblock. If you want to place multiple views on the same zone please choose any “corner” anchor points (see image below for reference)

I see, thanks!

On a similar note, I have the following sheet zone setup like so:

I am trying to achieve a row of enlarged stair plan at each level within the zone on the right. Glyph currently places just one enlarged stair plan on each sheet instead of stacking each on top of each other. I have gotten something like this to work with interior elevations but I can’t seem to get this to work with floor plans. Each plan is being created by a Scope Box around each stair by each level in the project.

if possible, can you post a photo of the bundle you are running and a photo of the settings for the "place views on sheets " task inside that bundle?

Thanks again for the feedback!

This is also happening to me - here are the settings I have and the output for it below. It’s just 1 sheet with a bunch of elevations mapped to it. I can’t post more than 1 image because I’m a new user.

Hi @sandyandy ,

Can you pick the bottom left anchor point instead? This will help assess the possible bug.


Yes, the same thing ends up happening.

This looks like an issue with the titleblock you are using.

If you open your titleblock family, do you have a line in the middle (see picture below for reference) ?

Hi @Sterling ,

We are trying to replicate #2 (far clip offset) without luck, could you please elaborate on this bug? (Which task were you using etc).
Also, can you please confirm the view template you are selecting has the “Far clipping” setting to “Clip with line”?

Thank for you feedback!