Samples of families

Is there any way to download some sample families in revit?
families that have been changed with helix?

I would like to see some examples before installing this application
I would like to see the final result
I need to see how materials work with these families
and how they look in a project (rendered)

thank you

Welcome to the forums!!

When converting SketchUp element to native Revit families, the families are mapped in Helix. These mapped families come from your model, and are not shipped with Helix. This allows everyone to use the families that they have developed and remain within the office standards.

However, we introduced a set of features that allow users to convert SketchUp models to Revit if there are no standards or families to start from. This is somewhat a fallback method that was meant skip mapping families at the cost of not having the “office standard” families used. In this workflow users can still change the Helix starter families in Revit to other types as desired.

Starter Families Support:

  • Doors
    • includes size detection for setting height and width instance parameters
  • Windows
    • includes size detection for setting height and width instance parameters
  • Walls
  • Curtain Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Roofs
  • Floors

If you want to take a look at some of these starter families see the models attached below (Revit 2022, SketchUp 2021 & Helix mapping file):
Download Sample Files

Regarding materials, the materials from the Revit native mapped families will be used.

Let me know if this makes sense. If you’d like, we can also run a test with your models to demonstrate the translation. We could also hop on a web share if you prefer.

Thank you Ben.

I saw what you sent me but it is not what I need to see.

Here are some families in sketchup from 3dwarehouse.
I would like to see how they would look in REVIT.




in this link: - YouTube I show you an example of what I do and how I present it so that you have an idea of why it would be super important for me if I can change a lot of families made in sketchup to revit.

I can’t make in REVIT very curved or organic shapes.

I’ll test those families, and post some images.

The video link is set to private so I can’t watch it.

sorry, my bad

this is a project made 100% in REVIT

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That’s a neat video walkthrough, especially since it’s completed within Revit!

I went ahead and converted the SketchUp Warehouse components that you shared using the DXF mesh based mapping. This kind of mapping creates Revit families that are not parametric: families just host the mesh data statically. I used Enscape to render the families. I’ve also update the download link to include these sample files.

See images below with my results.

Workflow notes

  1. mapped each group as a family per their material
    :bulb: we can further automate this process if it is important to your workflow
  2. send the mapped content to Revit from SketchUp
  3. set the materials in Revit using the imports in family tab under object styles
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Thanks Ben.

those families seem to look ok.
Can you give me the link to download them in REVIT and see how they would look inside REVIT?

I don’t need to see a photo, I need to know how they will look within a project, how they look when I change materials, etc.

thanks, let me know

yep - it’s the same link: download link

Seems like it stopped uploading, because I left Revit opened. It should appear there in a few mins

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Uploading finished!

If you can, it would be great to see the families in the project context when available.

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Hi Ben

Thanks for the samples.
they look great as expected. :+1:

I will be trying all combinations possible
i will let you know

Thanks !! :v:

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Hi Ben

so far so good.

look @ those chairs inside an old project
to me they are looking great

and this puff is looking good as well

one of the things that I wanted to see was the result of the polygons, the smooth edges
and for now I think the result is very positive

thanks for your prompt response

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seeing that the result is very positive
I would like to know how is the process
could you give me a brief description of how it would be

is it an easy process to transform with your HELIX application ?

I don’t want to install something that will block me in some way REVIT
I am using REVIT 2023
I work on this program like 15 hours a day
it would be fatal for me

I am happy with the results

The renders look great!

I’m glad that you’re happy with the results.

For the workflow, I’ll put together instructions with images to follow, so that you can reproduce the results yourself using Helix.

The short version is this one:

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@julian.karate I made a post that shows the conversion process in more detail. Check it out when you have a chance:

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The post above is now updated per the newest Helix 2.6.0 release. This release automatically converts the SketchUp materials to Revit materials including textures. You also no longer need to break down your SketchUp component by material → this is automated.

@julian.karate - you might want to update to this latest release for your rendering workflows.