Revit to SketchUp: All Untagged geometry

The export from Revit helix to SketchUp comes as a giant untagged bunch of geometry.
Tried all options of syncing families, sync model, etc.
Can someone point to right workflow?

And bigger models are coming partly with some part of geometry or elements missing.

Tried with Trial version of Sketchup studio and its revit-importer plugin .
Most tags were generated in Skp file
And the files size became only 28 Mb
as compared to 2.4 gb from Helix importer !

Import time was also 1/4 in sketchup studio plugin .

Something to look into for Evolve lab team please .

@KaGee - thank you for the feedback and testing!

The Revit to SketchUp conversion is not as developed as our SketchUp to Revit conversion, since we saw that the hardest challenge was the latter. There are features on our backlog that would drastically improve our Revit to SketchUp converter:

  • tagging geometry from Revit based on the Revit category
  • geometry instancing (making family instances components in SketchUp)
    • this feature is primarily responsible for the blow up in skp file size
    • this feature will also drastically improve the import time, as placing instanced components is faster than placing unique geometry
  • linked file support (currently linked files are ignore, and might account for the missing geometry)

Again - thank you for testing Helix and helping us prioritize features.

Thanks for the prompt response.

One would prefer to have tool For back and forth between the two programs.

Also , it will allow people with SketchUp pro version to avoid taking studio subscription just for this feature.
Upgrading from Revit LT to Revit full version is a burden already.

That makes a lot of sense. We’ll follow up on this post went we have updates on the features above.

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@KaGee - The latest Helix 2.13.1 Release now includes tagged geometry, where Revit categories become tags in SketchUp:

2024-01-12 - 15-09-12 - Revit

The next features that we would like to implement next for this workflow are:

  • Support geometry from linked files
  • Component Instances from Revit families