Really Slow Renderings?

I am a new user to Veras, so I am not sure if there is something that I am doing wrong, but most of the renderings that I’ve tried so far are taking forever. A few come out quickly, but most (80-90%) are just taking so long it’s as if the program has frozen. Like 20 minutes or more. Is this normal? And then I just get frustrated and restart both SU and Veras to try again. It is not what happened when I used the free trial. I’ve tried it on several different SU models, and the same thing happens. It seems to be the worst with the preset “Explore” options too.

Apologies for the degraded service - definitely should not be that slow. We made another update to address this - please let us know if you are still having an issue with render times.

Are you using the Veras for SketchUp 2024? The Skp 2024 version is in beta, and we’re aware that there are some connectivity issues with that version.

Thank you, Ben. Yes, I am using 2024. I can try going back to 2023 is that helps until out of the beta phase, but will try again later today.

I see - the 2024 is only released for testing, and it’s not fully supported until we fix the connectivity issue. I would recommend using 2023 if possible.