Helix - Release 2.4.0

Download new version here: Helix Installer

Features :tada:

  • Huge improvements to Revit to SketchUp workflow. More geometry with higher fidelity – focused on allowing imported geometry to be usable in SketchUp (e.g. geometry is push/pull-able, has light optimized meshes) :rocket:
  • Helix SketchUp UI now reports warning for “Line to Short” helping users get more elements over to Revit – including zooming to / selecting / and activating troubled elements
  • Helix SketchUp now has “Infer Origin” option, which allows users to model components however they’d like and still map correctly to Revit components intuitively
  • Mapped DXF from SketchUp to Revit is now loading into Revit as a family :rocket:
  • Helix Revit Status Report now features enhanced grouping / sorting, icons, and updating
  • Helix Revit Status Report UI now features selectable Revit Id for ‘zooming’ to the element in the generated Revit project :face_with_monocle:
  • Added more triggers for updating in Revit when SketchUp model changes (Window / Door updates are activated on any mesh changes)
  • Improved DWG to Pipe workflow to generate complete / connected plumbing system
  • Added a GIF to Helix SketchUp to guide users how to sync Revit Types
  • Helix Revit “Live Sync” button icon is now more pronounced when activated
  • The mapping refresh button in the Helix SketchUp UI now also refreshed synced Revit Types
  • Ability to map DXF as different categories :rocket:
  • Support for Revit 2023 :rocket:
  • Only showing model warnings for relevant categories
  • DXF is now mapped to an Object Style per it’s Sketchup name to change materials in Revit
  • Overall stability added for Sketchup to Revit
  • Sketchup to Revit update is now triggered when changing InferOrigin property

Bug Fixes :bug:

  • Fixed bug where mapping by Layer cause DXF in Revit to be the same family
  • Fixed bug where nested window geometry wasn’t retained
  • Fixed bug with incorrect positioning of some elements in DXF / DirectShape syncing
  • Fixed bug where Helix Model elements did not have mappings
  • Fixed issue where special characters were messing up the Helix Sketchup UI
  • Fixed bug with duplicate geometry for recursive DXF
  • Fixed bug where Helix Revit Status UI was blocking model load
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Thank You very much for the update.

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@hhiddemann Welcome to the forums!!!

I hope the update has useful features that enable your workflows! Feel free to make any recommendations or comments to improve Helix; we’re super grateful to hear user feedback.