Helix - Release 2.2.5

Download new version here: Helix Installer

Features :tada:

  • Support for Floors! :rocket:
  • Support for Ceilings (Revit 2022)! :rocket:
  • Support for simple sloped Roofs :rocket:
  • Levels - Users can now bring their Revit levels over to SketchUp and have elements host to the corresponding Revit levels when generated in Revit
  • Support for SketchUp 2022!
  • Helix now provides “Starter Families” which allow a user to get straight into SketchUp to Revit without needing to pull family types from a Revit Project :man_cartwheeling:
  • Helix Revit now has a “Status Report” that shows Success/Fail and messages related to SketchUp to Revit elements :vertical_traffic_light:

Bug Fixes :bug:

  • Helix SketchUp UI now updates reliably on material/layer/model changes!
  • Certain curtain wall are now properly rationalized
  • Error with SketchUp to Revit mesh size limit has been resolved
  • Elements being generated relative to Levels and not geometric location is now resolved

Below are some of the features highlights in this release:

Levels Import to SketchUp from Revit

2022-04-03 - 00-35-06

Support for Floors and Ceilings

2022-04-03 - 00-47-23

Support Simple Sloped Roofs

2022-04-03 - 00-51-22

Starter Families

This feature will create a new helix family in the project and set the height and width instance parameters extracted from the SketchUp geometry! With this feature, you can simply start sending geometry to Revit without syncing the family types (if you don’t need them yet).

2022-04-03 - 01-05-11

helix support rvt 2023 yet ??

Not yet.

We’re about to realease a new update this week. This update won’t have Revit 2023. However, we might include it in the following update, if there aren’t any significant API changes. From our cursory look at the API changes, it seems like there shouldn’t be any issues that would postpone Revit 2023 support.

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