Helix Installer and Feature Support

Hi, I managed to get it installed and works in SketchupPro 2022 but in Revit 2020, the menu failed to load. Any suggestions? Thank you

Hey @Khalid_Noh!

Currently Helix supports Revit 2021 / 2022 / 2023.

Would you be able to try a more recent version?

I have installed the Revit 2021 and re-installed the Helix. I followed the Quick start video but it seems that I can’t find the Helix menu. Please advise.

Hi @Mark,

Ok, I managed to get the Helix working on both Revit and Sketchup. I read the documentation in the Helix Doc and is there update in SketchUp UI? Is the Sync Sketchup button changed to Send To Revit?


Looking good @Khalid_Noh!

Yes, “Sync Sketchup” has changed to “Send To Revit”.

Thank you @ Mark,

I’ve done few testing and I noticed that it can’t export floor slab and column. Not sure why and I also noticed that it can only sync from sketchup to revit but not vice versa.

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@Khalid_Noh - Regarding floor slab and column export, are you referring to exporting from Revit to SketchUp or SketchUp to Revit?

For SketchUp to Revit, we support Converting to Revit native floor slabs, but we don’t support converting to native Revit columns. To see a complete list of SketchUp to Revit element support, see this post: SketchUp to Revit - Supported Categories and Mapping

For Revit to SketchUp, all elements visible in Revit should export to SketchUp. If this is not the case, we would like to see the issue so that we can update Helix and make sure that it’s compatible with the geometry that you are testing. Please let me know if you can share your model to demo this, if this is the case.

Regarding syncing from SketchUp to Revit but not vice versa: at the moment bringing the geometry from Revit to SketchUp is a one time thing, meaning that it would disregard if you’ve already brought the geometry from Revit to SketchUp. SketchUp receives a new group of all the Revit content (with subgroups) whenever you import from Revit. We have a feature in the roadmap that will allow the Revit to SketchUp geometry to only update if necessary instead of bringing it in every time. To see what is on our roadmap, see this post: Helix SketchUp ⇌ Revit | Feature Roadmap

@Ben Guler - After a few more testing, I found out that Revit could only recognize or detect floor from SketchUp, if Revit is opened as in architectural, mechanical, system, lighting and plumbing template. In
Construction and structural template, floor doesn’t get converted. Is these result are expected?

@Khalid_Noh - that seems odd

When you change Revit projects you have to make sure that you sync up the floor family types available in that Revit project with Helix, otherwise Helix would not find the correct floor type when it is assigned in SketchUp. If you select the Helix Floor (Helix SketchUp window), then this floor type will be created in the Revit model if it does not already exist.

You can also take a look at the Status Report to see whether there were any warnings with the floor conversion in the misbehaving models.

Good Morning, is there a version of Helix that can work with Revit 2020?.

We don’t have a version that supports Revit 2020. We are going to be releasing Revit support for 2024 and SketchUp 2023 soon.

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Revit 2024 & SketchUp 2023 support was release with the version 2.10 of Helix: Helix - Release 2.10.0