Helix 2 - Installer & Compatibility for SketchUp 2022


Will there be an installer for SketchUp 2022? The current msi installer on the forum installs onto SU 2021 only.

If the Helix 2 plugin files are manually transferred from 2021 to 2022, can we expect the extension to work properly?

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Copying the files to SketchUp 2022 works. @mark looked over the SketchUp 2022 API changes and they don’t affect Helix.

We’ve added support in the installer for SketchUp 2022 to our backlog.

Release 2.2.5 installs for both SketchUp 2021 and 2022!!

i only have 2019…I am guessing I cant use Helix then?

@timk Welcome to the forums!! Thanks for the feedback regarding SketchUp 2019 support.

I just ran a quick test by manually copying the el_helix.rb file to the SketchUp 2019 plugins folder. It is not as straightforward as I would have liked. It does seem like there are some different API calls that we utilize that are not available in 2019. These might be minimal, but we need to further investigate.

I was able to map by layer using the unmapped visibility toggle, and running Helix right after SketchUp 2019 startup:

However, here are the known issues from my test:

  • material display in the helix browser is not correct
  • layer and material selection is not displayed
  • selecting elements can slow downs unexpected, when the hub service is down
  • can crash the hub service