Generic models in Revit missing when exported to Sketchup

I am able to successfully import a Revit model into Sketchup, but anything in Revit that is categorized as a “generic model” is missing in Sketchup.

@jgenzen - welcome to the forum!

Here are some questions/ things to try:

  • Are the genetic model elements native revit elements or are they imports?
  • If a generic element is family, can you change the element to a different category, and then did that work?
  • Is it possible to send one generic element to us for internal testing?

Yes, I will email you a model. Thanks for your help!

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Thank you for sharing the model. It helped us find the bug. The issue was that generic model in place families do not have any materials assigned, and in SketchUp Helix expected a material.

We have an updated patch that fixes this issue: Helix Installer v2.13.4

Here’s the patch release post: Helix - Release 2.13.4

We now have a fix for the incorrect profile face in the curved extruded element:

Here’s the new release: Helix - Release 2.14.0 - SketchUp 2024 Support